Ok Ladies, summer is officially here! …and, we all know that it’s time to bring out the swimwear.  Whether you are heading to a pool party with the girls or vacationing with the family… it’s a must to be swim ready.

Now, what’s really awesome is all the options available to curvy girls now. Yes, us curvy ladies want to be stylish while hanging out at the pool.  I’ve listed my top 3 “go to” looks for curvy woman this summer.

  1. High-Waist Bikini
  2. One Piece
  3. Ruffles & Fringe

Don’t be surprised by my selection because traditional pieces are always a classic.


High-waist bikinis has become a curvy girls best friend.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have a pootch.  This is a great way to minimize the stomach area.  Most high waist come up the middle section in order to give an sleek look.

One Piece 

This classic swimsuit will never go out of style.  I’m simply excited that it has been redesigned to fit us curvy women that carries around a little more love.  Not only has the size range increased for this traditional piece it allows the opportunity to show off that silhouette.


Who said curvy can’t be sassy? Ruffles and fringe are in! The styles will give you the opportunity to show off your silhouette.  These are trendy looks yet they provide women the chance to look both gorgeous and sexy.

Ladies, rock your favorite swim look this summer.  Show your confidence!


4 Comments on Top 3 “Go To” Swimwear Styles for Curvy Women

  1. I normally wear a one-piece because I don’t like how my body looks in the high-waisted but I think some curvy girls look amazing with them. I really want to try out a fringed one but not sure… I will say that we can wear whatever we want because we are beautiful and free to do as well please! If I want to wear a string bikini, best believe I’m gonna do it! Lol.

    xo, Kimberly

    • Yes, we can wear whatever we want Kimberly. Yet, it’s nothing wrong with having a favorite style. I’m a “one piece” kinda girl as well. Thanks for reading and reaching out.

  2. I love high waisted bikinis. They are so flattering and have a retro feel. I would love to try a bathing suit with fringe. It looks cute!

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