Spring into Prints

Its officially spring time! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m excited about it. Your girl just isn’t into cold weather at all.  I’m bringing in the spring season with the cutest dress from BooHoo but purchased from The Unclaimed Baggage Center located in Scottsboro, Alabama.

I love incorporating color into an outfit and floral prints is an awesome way to do that. …and, we all know that leopard print can basically be paired with anything.  It’s literally the “new black”.  The real star of this look is the earrings. How cute are they!?!?!  They were handmade by Gemini Flyii.

I’m learning the importance of perfecting my look and being comfortable with my decision.  My choice is just that… my choice!.  Remember to be creative and most importantly…. have FUN!

Until the next blog… Remain SaseeChic!

Sunnies: ShopBelleVous || Earrings: Gemini Flyii  || Watch: Shoe Sanctuary, Gadsden, AL  || Dress: The Unclaimed Baggage Center


Prints on a Sasee Day!

I know we have spoken several times about taking risks. Well… It’s nothing to it.. but to do it. ☺️ There’s no better way to step out of your comfort zone other than through prints.  Prints gives you the chance to show off your personality. Your unique look is tested and your style is put on the line. But, it’s all for a good cause.


This look is definitely sassy yet chic.  My personality screams fierce!  Whenever you look good… you feel good.  And, it’s an added bonus when your style doesn’t mirror the looks of others.  How cool is that? Let’s challenge ourselves to really take the time to define our style.  Just defining…. perfecting it and rocking with confidence…. well, that will come with time!


Until the next blog… Represent your Style!  #SaseeChic


The Look

Outfit ~ Ashley Stewart

Clutch ~ The Limited

Sunnies ~ Quay Australia

Prints on Prints … not a Bad Thing

Prints on Prints … not a Bad Thing

Let me reminisce down memory lane for a moment.  This print on print thing… well, back in the day we called it “tacky”.  It’s quite amusing how things have evolved over time.  All it takes is that one bold individual that doesn’t care what anyone thinks and guess what… we have a new fad.  Now, what’s truly awesome about fads is that you can tweak it to your own unique style.


Prints on Prints… where do I begin?…. let’s start with how it gives ladies the opportunity to play with fashion while bringing out their own style in the process. So, I decided to test the waters with this number shown above.  Check out those tights and shoes!!!!


The trick when it comes to mixing-n-matching prints is to stay in the same color scheme.  You don’t want anyone becoming cross-eyed when looking at you.  Girl, folks don’t know what to look at first. LOL! Staying in the same color format helps the prints/patterns to blend well.  It adds drama without taking the look over the top.

Take into consideration your style when it comes to prints.  Make it all about your personality… stay in your lane and don’t attempt to copy others.

Until the next blog…. Try something different!



Photo Credit: iMeAn WaR

Leather Faux Dress, Necklace, & Shoes: Plato’s Closet – Trussville, AL; Tights: Wal-Mart;

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