Pretty in PINK

PINK is known as the prissy color.  There are times we might tend to shy away from this shade for that very reason.  Ladies,  I want you all to know that pink can be taken and transformed into your own style.  Instead of thinking prissy when it comes to pink… look at it in a way you can make the color compliment your outfit.

For this look… PINK met DENIM.

This combination allowed me to be both sassy yet chic at the same time.  I think you ladies already know that I’m all about comfort yet stylish.

However you decide to style your pink…. remember to make sure it’s a representation of your personality.  Take the time to create your unique look and always rock it with confidence.

Until the next time remain Sasee!

Shirt: J Bolin



Introducing the SaseeChic collection

Let me start off with stating how excited I am to have launched my own t-shirt collection.  For those who already know the brand… knows how important illustrating confidence is to me.  I wanted my tee line to demonstrate women’s unique look and style through sayings I frequently use.

I introduced four tees to the collection: SLAY, Be Confident, Be Stylish, and of course, SaseeChic.  The shirts will give women the opportunity to express their style through the tee.  When choosing my models for the photoshoot, I paired each of them with a t-shirt that illustrated their style.  From there each had to create a look around the shirt.  A look that “fits” their unique style.

I want ladies to feel the urge to represent their style while being confident, stylish, slaying, or a SaseeChic.  Isn’t that what its all about?  Being YOU and comfortable in your skin…  yep, that’s what it’s all about!

Being confident is vital to your style.  Remember to rock your unique look with ease… cause your personality is depending on it.  #SaseeChic


Cute meets Comfort… featuring LuLaRoe – Jennifer Marie


Whoever said that you cannot be cute and comfortable at the same time must have never experienced LuLaRoe.  Let me just park here and tell ya all about my encounter.

Just to give some background about the company they are known for their leggings yet they offer so much more.  Now, as most of you know I’m a plus size style blogger and with that being said, the first thing that came to mind was size.  They range from XXS to 3XL…yeah, a company that sells plus size is great in my book… I’m just saying!!!

I  had the opportunity to meet a sweet young lady by the name of Jennifer Marie and she is an consultant to LuLaRoe.  She sent me the leggings and dress to review and I was definitely impressed.  Both looks accentuated my shape well and they are so versatile. This dress can be worn to brunch with the girls and the leggings on a date night with your significant other.  Yes cute can be comfortable!

How can you purchase these items? …I’m so glad you asked! Jennifer Marie, a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, can assist you in all your purchasing needs.  She can be reached through her Facebook group by clicking HERE.  Now, once you have received your products please feel free to leave Jennifer a comment and rate the service by clicking HERE.  Don’t forget to let her know SaseeChic sent you!  You can follow Jennifer on IG at @LuLaRoe_JenniferMarie.



Spring into Prints

Its officially spring time! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m excited about it. Your girl just isn’t into cold weather at all.  I’m bringing in the spring season with the cutest dress from BooHoo but purchased from The Unclaimed Baggage Center located in Scottsboro, Alabama.

I love incorporating color into an outfit and floral prints is an awesome way to do that. …and, we all know that leopard print can basically be paired with anything.  It’s literally the “new black”.  The real star of this look is the earrings. How cute are they!?!?!  They were handmade by Gemini Flyii.

I’m learning the importance of perfecting my look and being comfortable with my decision.  My choice is just that… my choice!.  Remember to be creative and most importantly…. have FUN!

Until the next blog… Remain SaseeChic!

Sunnies: ShopBelleVous || Earrings: Gemini Flyii  || Watch: Shoe Sanctuary, Gadsden, AL  || Dress: The Unclaimed Baggage Center


THROWBACK: 90’s Style

Hey Girl Hey!

I’m a 80’s baby and proud of it. I have to admit that the 90’s is where I found my style.

This is how I pay homage to the era.  #SaseeChic

Bomber Jacket, Hat, & Earrings: Forever21 || Jumper: Ashley Stewart || Shoes: Poshmark

1940’s & 1950’s Kinda Vibe…. Sasee’s Style

Hey Girl… Hey!

Inspiration is vital! You can take something and mold it into what you want it to be.  This holds true with style…  I’m loving this look! I was influenced by the beautiful women of the 1940’s & 50’s era.  The classic red lip, fur, and sequin represents their generation well but, I was able to add my own twist to it.  I love the poised “lady-like” look yet the boots brings an edgy flare to the mix. Ladies, remember, your unique look defines your personality…it’s your signature …wear it well!

As always, Be Confident… Be Unique… Be YOU! #SaseeChic



SaseeGirls Have the Most Fun

Ladies, its 2017 and things have changed, for the better, we don’t need to take our style SO seriously.  Relax and simply do you, boo!  It’s highly satisfying when you can focus on what makes you unique and not the style of others.  We must inspire to be different yet creative. Striving not to follow the latest trends/fads but, committing to being different yet creative with your style.

SaseeGirls have all the fun because we don’t overthink our style.  We do what comes natural… whatever makes us feel good! Our style is defined and we are satisfied in it.  Being a SaseeGirl isn’t determined by your size or the inch of your heels/pumps.  It’s defined by your ability to be YOU!  Knowing who you really are is powerful and it’s vital to your confidence.

One may ask… What is a SaseeGirl?

  • Boldness: Do you dare to be different?
  • Personality: What makes you…YOU?
  • Creativity: What’s your style?

These three (3) things not only make up your style… it helps to sculpt and configure who you really are.  SaseeGirls tell a story of their life and how they plan to inspire others to be great.  Yes, ladies… isn’t it wonderful to be confident in your style?

Remember… Be Confident. Be Unique… Be YOU! and, never make any apologies for it.


Camo vs. Sequin

Hey Girl!

Style defines who you really are… Represent it well. #SaseeChic

Shirt : Target | Skirt: Lane Bryant | Clutch: Consigned Design | Boots: Madonna,Truth or Dare Collection



Body Positivity: Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?

Do you remember the “Plus is Equal” campaign?  Lane Bryant launched this collection in fall of 2015.  The world went crazy! Was America finally accepting plus size? Looking back on it…I’m not quite sold on it all.  I’ll admit the “plus is equal” movement officially put us plus size girls on the map. I felt as if we were ultimately accepted for being “us”… not just a plus sized or being a fat girl.  I always wondered if this was simply a craze for the moment or, if plus sized women would begin to see fashion or style as just that. …not, just what I can find in my size and deal with it.  As we enter into 2017, has body positivity made a change or, are we simply back at square one?

There’s the saying, “get in formation”, “slay”, “girlboss”, and we cannot forget the most famous one of them all, “DIVA”… but, does your confidence scream these things?  We often talk the talk but do we actually walk it.  Are you comfortable in your skin?  Ladies, this is definitely something to think about.

Being comfortable shows that you are at ease… you are relaxed.  Your style should show your confidence in the selection process.  Your posture is relaxed and upright.  You are comfortable being YOU!  As we settle into 2017, let’s practice relaxation and being pleasant in our skin.  This not only demonstrates our uniqueness it brings out your character as well.

Body Positivity: accepting the body you have as well as the changes in shape, size, and ability it may undergo due to nature, age, or your own personal choices throughout your lifetime.  This is truly being comfortable in your skin.  You must learn to first accept things you cannot change.  Be grateful for life… know you are blessed!

Ladies, you are beautiful at any age… and, at any size. This year, we must focus on confidence and boosting self-esteem. Our personality is depending on it.

Remember… Be Confident, Be Unique, and Be YOU! …and, we never make any apologies for it.


2017: My Goals… My Dreams… My Year

Happy New Year, Ladies!

Wow… Can you believe that it’s 2017?  I’m extremely grateful for my accomplishments thus far.  I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me this year.  Never give up on your dreams! Be YOU… SaseeChic

Look: Shirt: H&M || Skirt: K&G Fashion Warehouse || Shoes: DSW

Photo Credit ArtxDre


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