Body Positivity: Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?

Do you remember the “Plus is Equal” campaign?  Lane Bryant launched this collection in fall of 2015.  The world went crazy! Was America finally accepting plus size? Looking back on it…I’m not quite sold on it all.  I’ll admit the “plus is equal” movement officially put us plus size girls on the map. I felt as if we were ultimately accepted for being “us”… not just a plus sized or being a fat girl.  I always wondered if this was simply a craze for the moment or, if plus sized women would begin to see fashion or style as just that. …not, just what I can find in my size and deal with it.  As we enter into 2017, has body positivity made a change or, are we simply back at square one?

There’s the saying, “get in formation”, “slay”, “girlboss”, and we cannot forget the most famous one of them all, “DIVA”… but, does your confidence scream these things?  We often talk the talk but do we actually walk it.  Are you comfortable in your skin?  Ladies, this is definitely something to think about.

Being comfortable shows that you are at ease… you are relaxed.  Your style should show your confidence in the selection process.  Your posture is relaxed and upright.  You are comfortable being YOU!  As we settle into 2017, let’s practice relaxation and being pleasant in our skin.  This not only demonstrates our uniqueness it brings out your character as well.

Body Positivity: accepting the body you have as well as the changes in shape, size, and ability it may undergo due to nature, age, or your own personal choices throughout your lifetime.  This is truly being comfortable in your skin.  You must learn to first accept things you cannot change.  Be grateful for life… know you are blessed!

Ladies, you are beautiful at any age… and, at any size. This year, we must focus on confidence and boosting self-esteem. Our personality is depending on it.

Remember… Be Confident, Be Unique, and Be YOU! …and, we never make any apologies for it.


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