SaseeGirls Have the Most Fun

Ladies, its 2017 and things have changed, for the better, we don’t need to take our style SO seriously.  Relax and simply do you, boo!  It’s highly satisfying when you can focus on what makes you unique and not the style of others.  We must inspire to be different yet creative. Striving not to follow the latest trends/fads but, committing to being different yet creative with your style.

SaseeGirls have all the fun because we don’t overthink our style.  We do what comes natural… whatever makes us feel good! Our style is defined and we are satisfied in it.  Being a SaseeGirl isn’t determined by your size or the inch of your heels/pumps.  It’s defined by your ability to be YOU!  Knowing who you really are is powerful and it’s vital to your confidence.

One may ask… What is a SaseeGirl?

  • Boldness: Do you dare to be different?
  • Personality: What makes you…YOU?
  • Creativity: What’s your style?

These three (3) things not only make up your style… it helps to sculpt and configure who you really are.  SaseeGirls tell a story of their life and how they plan to inspire others to be great.  Yes, ladies… isn’t it wonderful to be confident in your style?

Remember… Be Confident. Be Unique… Be YOU! and, never make any apologies for it.


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