A Woman’s Guide to Fall 2017

Finally FALL!! …and, with Magic City Fashion Week coming up next month, I must admit that I’m totally happy.  There are some trends that will follow us into the autumn season.  You will have some unexpected fashion to add to your wardrobe.   Yes, 2017 is the year of bold and being stylish!

What way to celebrate style other than attending the Magic City Fashion Week? This event will be the held in Birmingham, AL beginning October 24th-28th, 2017.  Be on the lookout for ticket information.

Let’s discuss some “go to” style items to consider when thinking about the fall season.


Yes, RED will definitely be a must this fall.  I know… I know… this is an extreme bold color but you can handle it.  I got faith in you! A red coat/blazer or a gorgeous red blouse would be perfect to pair with your look.

Furs (Vintage Style)

This classic will never go out of style… and, please don’t debate me on this one. LOL!  Pair your furs/faux with any look to make a statement… a BOLD statement!


Let’s just pause  for a moment and clarify that fishnets are always in order.  No matter the season!  Whew… got that off my chest!  This is a great way to amp up any outfit.  Yes, girl, you will have heads turning this fall.  Fishnets can be taken to the next level when paired with your favorite pump.


Believe it or not…velvet will be in formation this fall.  This fabric will be stunning for a special event such as a wedding and/or cocktail party.

Mid-Length Skirts

Yeah, the mid-length skirts will definitely be seen this fall.  I’ve found that you can easily dress this up or down depending on the occasion. It’s one of those items that will always be appropriate and in order.


Now, this is where you can incorporate your vintage wild side.  Florals can be a beautiful fabric when paired with the right statement piece or your favorite pump.


Are you looking to find the hottest and latest styles for fall?  If so, you must attend Magic City Fashion Week Kickoff.  This event will be held Sunday, October 1, 2017 located at the Canary GalleryDowntown Birmingham, Alabama.  Click HERE to purchase tickets to the event.

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Maxi Dresses: Short Girl Problems

Girl, I’ll be the first to admit that I have short girl problems.  Being 5’4″…well, more like 5’3″  has its challenges. We have to learn to adapt and roll with the punches when it comes to our style.

Here are a few tips that will help you find that ideal maxi dress.

  1.   Check your length.  I like for my maxi to graze the top of my foot… not touching the floor.  I use this rule when wearing flats or heels.
  2.  A maxi should have a slimming effect that immediately accentuates the shape.  Trust me… this is the best way to go!  A fitted bodice is a great way to help define the silhouette instantly.
  3. Semi-sheer threads are an awesome adjunct for petite women.  Fabrics that are more bulky or busy tends to be more of a overwhelming print.
  4. Avoid a fuller bottom.  It gives the illusion of a shorter frame.  …and, if you are a short person, well, this isn’t what you want.
  5. Lastly… shop petite sizes!

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7 First Date Outfit Ideas

First impressions can be lasting… even when it comes to first dates.  Meeting a person for the first time can be awkward and uncomfortable.  The one thing we don’t want to worry about is our style.  Style is the unique look that represents your personality.

Hopefully, your date will be so drawn in by your uniqueness that the nervousness is over looked. Here are 7 First Date Outfit Ideas to consider.

1.  The Nude Shoe Ploy 

The nude shoe instantly gives the appearance of a longer and leaner leg.  It gives the illusion that you are taller… especially a nude that matches your skin tone.  Lengthening your legs can be just that simple.  So, it wouldn’t hurt to own a pair or two.

2.  Mixing Things Up 

The one thing you don’t want to do is come off as high maintenance.  We want to look our best yet not so over the top for a first date.  A good way to prevent this is by mixing boyish & sassy items.  It shows that conservative side of you and it allows the person to see that you don’t have to be flamboyant all the time.  You can mix it up both casual and dressy yet still be chic.

3.  Showstopping Heels 

If you can walk it…step out in the way-high heels.  This is the perfect way to elongate your legs.   A shoe says a lot about you.. trust me I know.  A gorgeous shoe will bring out any outfit.  A great way to pair heels is with skinny jeans and a cute blazer.

4.  One Shoulder Dress

A sophisticated elegant look is always the way to go.  It shows that extra time was taken to put the ensemble together.  This is the perfect time to play with color in order to really show off your confidence.  I must say that this will give more suspense than the traditional little black dress (LBD) look.

5.  Flirty Skirt w/Simple Tee

This is the ultimate unexpected look.  It’s a boyfriend tee with a cute skirt that makes a statement.  This gives you the opportunity to be fun yet there is a touch of suspense.  It will leave them with the thought, “can’t put my finger on it…but there’s something I like about her”.

6.  Sheath Dress 

This is a great option for blind dates.  It’s conservative enough for the office yet easy to transition into night life.  You can simply pair the look with statement pieces and a fun pump. …and, you are instantly gorgeous!

7.  Statement Pieces 

All you need is that one piece that will never be forgotten.  It’s something about glitter, bling, and all things accessories that can take any look and, I do mean any look, over the top.  Take a beautiful necklace and pair it with a plain ‘ole denim dress and you now have something special.



Dreams Do Come True

I’m a true lover of style… not fashion but style. I love to see a woman show off her personality while rocking her unique look. You know, there is nothing like a confident woman. We must learn to accept the things we cannot change. No matter what comes or goes.. you are somebody and we have to remember to be confident.

Portraying confidence while representing your style… now that’s STYLISH!

It’s amazing how style has opened so many doors for me.  I introduced the SaseeChic T-Shirt Collection a couple of months back and, I’m truly grateful for the love and support you all have shown me and my business.  Now,  to see the next phase come to life is just wonderful.

The SaseeChic Boutique is definitely a dream come true.  I’m excited to be able to provide the “everyday woman” with stylish yet affordable clothing.

Check the Boutique out TODAY to find your perfect look.  #SaseeChic


Top 3 “Go To” Swimwear Styles for Curvy Women

Ok Ladies, summer is officially here! …and, we all know that it’s time to bring out the swimwear.  Whether you are heading to a pool party with the girls or vacationing with the family… it’s a must to be swim ready.

Now, what’s really awesome is all the options available to curvy girls now. Yes, us curvy ladies want to be stylish while hanging out at the pool.  I’ve listed my top 3 “go to” looks for curvy woman this summer.

  1. High-Waist Bikini
  2. One Piece
  3. Ruffles & Fringe

Don’t be surprised by my selection because traditional pieces are always a classic.


High-waist bikinis has become a curvy girls best friend.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have a pootch.  This is a great way to minimize the stomach area.  Most high waist come up the middle section in order to give an sleek look.

One Piece 

This classic swimsuit will never go out of style.  I’m simply excited that it has been redesigned to fit us curvy women that carries around a little more love.  Not only has the size range increased for this traditional piece it allows the opportunity to show off that silhouette.


Who said curvy can’t be sassy? Ruffles and fringe are in! The styles will give you the opportunity to show off your silhouette.  These are trendy looks yet they provide women the chance to look both gorgeous and sexy.

Ladies, rock your favorite swim look this summer.  Show your confidence!


CONFIDENCE… What does the word mean to you?

:a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Confidence says a lot about an individual.  A person that is sure of themselves translates that over to their personality quite well.  Confidence and Personality… Do they really go together? Yes. Can you have one without the other? No.  They both compliment each other and there’s no way around it.

So…what does confidence really mean?  It’s knowing who you truly are and being comfortable in it. Accepting you for YOU.  Yeah there are times when we might want to lose a little weight. run a 5k, or volunteer more, and these are all things that we can do something about.  Now, when it comes to being positive in reference to our body it’s a must that we learn to appreciate us for US.

Believing is powerful! You are beautiful no matter your age or size. We as women have to make up in our minds that we are all uniquely made. Let’s be grateful for who we are and learn to accept US.

“Confidence is definitely a risk worth taking.” -SaseeChic


Pretty in PINK

PINK is known as the prissy color.  There are times we might tend to shy away from this shade for that very reason.  Ladies,  I want you all to know that pink can be taken and transformed into your own style.  Instead of thinking prissy when it comes to pink… look at it in a way you can make the color compliment your outfit.

For this look… PINK met DENIM.

This combination allowed me to be both sassy yet chic at the same time.  I think you ladies already know that I’m all about comfort yet stylish.

However you decide to style your pink…. remember to make sure it’s a representation of your personality.  Take the time to create your unique look and always rock it with confidence.

Until the next time remain Sasee!

Shirt: J Bolin



Introducing the SaseeChic collection

Let me start off with stating how excited I am to have launched my own t-shirt collection.  For those who already know the brand… knows how important illustrating confidence is to me.  I wanted my tee line to demonstrate women’s unique look and style through sayings I frequently use.

I introduced four tees to the collection: SLAY, Be Confident, Be Stylish, and of course, SaseeChic.  The shirts will give women the opportunity to express their style through the tee.  When choosing my models for the photoshoot, I paired each of them with a t-shirt that illustrated their style.  From there each had to create a look around the shirt.  A look that “fits” their unique style.

I want ladies to feel the urge to represent their style while being confident, stylish, slaying, or a SaseeChic.  Isn’t that what its all about?  Being YOU and comfortable in your skin…  yep, that’s what it’s all about!

Being confident is vital to your style.  Remember to rock your unique look with ease… cause your personality is depending on it.  #SaseeChic


Cute meets Comfort… featuring LuLaRoe – Jennifer Marie


Whoever said that you cannot be cute and comfortable at the same time must have never experienced LuLaRoe.  Let me just park here and tell ya all about my encounter.

Just to give some background about the company they are known for their leggings yet they offer so much more.  Now, as most of you know I’m a plus size style blogger and with that being said, the first thing that came to mind was size.  They range from XXS to 3XL…yeah, a company that sells plus size is great in my book… I’m just saying!!!

I  had the opportunity to meet a sweet young lady by the name of Jennifer Marie and she is an consultant to LuLaRoe.  She sent me the leggings and dress to review and I was definitely impressed.  Both looks accentuated my shape well and they are so versatile. This dress can be worn to brunch with the girls and the leggings on a date night with your significant other.  Yes cute can be comfortable!

How can you purchase these items? …I’m so glad you asked! Jennifer Marie, a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, can assist you in all your purchasing needs.  She can be reached through her Facebook group by clicking HERE.  Now, once you have received your products please feel free to leave Jennifer a comment and rate the service by clicking HERE.  Don’t forget to let her know SaseeChic sent you!  You can follow Jennifer on IG at @LuLaRoe_JenniferMarie.



Spring into Prints

Its officially spring time! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m excited about it. Your girl just isn’t into cold weather at all.  I’m bringing in the spring season with the cutest dress from BooHoo but purchased from The Unclaimed Baggage Center located in Scottsboro, Alabama.

I love incorporating color into an outfit and floral prints is an awesome way to do that. …and, we all know that leopard print can basically be paired with anything.  It’s literally the “new black”.  The real star of this look is the earrings. How cute are they!?!?!  They were handmade by Gemini Flyii.

I’m learning the importance of perfecting my look and being comfortable with my decision.  My choice is just that… my choice!.  Remember to be creative and most importantly…. have FUN!

Until the next blog… Remain SaseeChic!

Sunnies: ShopBelleVous || Earrings: Gemini Flyii  || Watch: Shoe Sanctuary, Gadsden, AL  || Dress: The Unclaimed Baggage Center


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