Are Skirts Really Flattering?

Skirts can be both stylish and fierce.  Yet, so comfortable and convenient at the same time.  It seems that just yesterday pencil skirts were the “go to” statement piece.  Especially for curvy girls… you could definitely count on it to slim the waist and, accentuate the shape in a “good way”.  Well… times have truly changed for the better.  Ladies are becoming bold with their style and, not ashamed to “show off” their personality through an outfit.  Who would have ever thought that skirt styles from the 50’s and 60’s could make a comeback?? They have…. and, I’m loving it!


I was shopping at a local Salvation Army Store.  To my surprise, I ran across this gorgeous yellow pleated skirt.  I immediately thought about the flare skirts and how they are making a comeback.  There’s something special about this one…maybe it’s the stylish vintage look that made me fall in love with it.


I totally love how the peplum shirt provides shape to the waist line. The shoes are the pop of color needed to take the outfit to the next level.  ….and, who doesn’t love a cute clutch? A pair of statement earrings brings everything  together.


So to answer the question at hand…. Yes, skirts can be flattering!

Remember, however you decide to ROCK it… ROCK it well!!!!

Until the next blog…. Stay Chic!



Shirt: Eloquii –

Skirt: Salvation Army Family Store (thrifty)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson –

Clutch: Pink Icing Accessories Boutique – (phone: 205-643-0588)