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The Tulle Girls… Collaboration with Canuemagine

The Tulle Girls… Collaboration with Canuemagine

Every girl has dreamed of being a princess.  We all have been at that stage where feeling pretty was extremely important.  Who wouldn’t want a Cinderella ball gown?  And, we all would love to encounter that feeling from our childhood at least once more. The opportunity to travel down memory lane has presented itself with a tulle skirt.


I got the chance to travel back in time with my fellow #BhamBlogger… Canuemagine.  We decided to give our spin on tulle skirts… #CurvyGirlTulle style.  I must admit myself that we nailed it!

IMG_1496 IMG_1497

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady during the Birmingham Bloggers one year anniversary event earlier this year.  I fell in love with her bubbly personality and that gorgeous smile.  I couldn’t think of a nicer individual to collaborate with.

Check out Canuemagine blog for tips on food, style and design.

IG: canuemagine
Youtube: hyphenwest
Please hashtag #CurvyGirlTulle to let Canuemagine and SaseeChic both know how you rock your tulle skirts.  We cannot wait to see your outfits!
Until the next blog…. Stay Sassy!
  • Tulle skirt – Plato’s Closet… Trussville, AL

photo credits: iMeAn Photoz – @imean_war – Instagram

Dresses are Key to Success

Dresses are Key to Success

A dress can often be the statement piece a woman needs when she’s making her grand entrance.  I’ve made the comment several times that a dress can definitely compliment a woman’s curves.  It can provide the necessary confidence she needs, if the sizing and style is correct for her body shape.  This is extremely important because it can make or break the look.

I had the pleasure of working with Eshakti ( and I received this gorgeous dress from them.


Eshakti is an online women clothing store which provides custom sizes and styles.  You can add a sleeve, pockets, or length if desired. The outfit can be custom made for your silhouette.  How awesome is that?? 🙂


The dress is blue and white. My orange patent leather pumps were the pop of color. I paired the outfit with a gold clutch and pearl earrings to complete the look.  I must admit that I love this dress on me.  It accentuates my curves and it provided the sexy appeal I needed to pull off the look.   Ladies, being confident is extremely important…if you love it then rock it.  Don’t make any apologies for it!!  It’s your style and your personality.  #RememberThat

Until the next blog….. BE FLY!!



Dress – Eshakti –; Shoes – Ted Baker –; Clutch – The Limited –; Earrings – Pink Icing Accessories Boutique – 205-643-0588

Everyone Loves a Great Deal, right??

Everyone Loves a Great Deal, right??

Who doesn’t love a great deal?

A deal so good that its kinda hard to believe….yeah that’s what I’m talking about.  Being a plus size fashion blogger, it’s important to share with other “curvy girls” when I’ve come across a good deal.  I challenged myself to find a complete outfit for under $50.  I knew this could be a tough task but I was up to the challenge.  Where can a girl find a great outfit for $50 or less?  Plato’s Closet – Trussville, Alabama… of course. 🙂


I truly out done myself with this look.  A dress, shoes, and earrings for $34…. yes… $34!!! I was so proud of myself and,  I could not wait to share with you all.

IMG_1384 IMG_1381 IMG_1377

Plato’s Closet (, Trussville, Alabama location, has really cute clothing.  Plato’s sells clothing they have purchased from customers.  The setup is similar to consignment shops but, the difference is that you are paid up front for your clothing versus waiting until they sell.  Cool stuff, huh?

Dress – $6; Earrings – $3; Shoes – $25………… Total $34

Who’s willing to try the $50 or less challenge?  Please share your findings… photos please!!

Until the next #blog…. remain Stylish!


The Jumpsuit Epidemic

The Jumpsuit Epidemic

It’s safe to say that jumpsuits are the thing this summer…they are both stylish and comfortable.  I must admit that I wasn’t feeling the vibe of jumpsuits, at first, until I found this one.  I came across this jumper from Belk and, I fell completely in love with it.  The style was just right for me.  The simple details of the jumper is what sold me on the outfit.


Jumpsuits can provide a curvy girl with the slimming effect that she needs.  This one piece not only slenderizes, it also accentuates my curves in all the right places.  All ladies desire our curves to be shown but, in a flattering way.

My jumpsuit look is completed with a cute pair of flats and a clutch.

Let me know how you are rocking your jumpsuits this summer.


Perfect Dress: “The Little Black Dress”

little black dress – is an evening or cocktail dress cut simply and often quite short

Fashion historians ascribe the origins of the little black dress to the 1920s design of Coco Chanel and Jean Patou… intended to be long lasting, versatile, affordable, accessible to widest market possible an in a neutral colour.

“little black dress” referred to as LBD.

The “little black dress” is a staple piece for women’s wardrobe.  Many ladies express the need to have an elegant but, yet simple black dress on hand.  A black dress can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  The dress can be paired with a blazer for a work outfit; or, a statement jewelry piece and high heels for a evening wear.

saseechic fashion 022a

Prior to the 1920s the color black was worn by women during the time of mourning.  The color were often considered inappropriate if worn outside this particular situation.  In 1926 Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel published a picture of a short black dress in the Vogue magazine,  The calf-length dress was called “Chanel’s Ford” by the magazine.


The “little black dress” has become the classy staple piece.  Women of the 21st century as learned how to take this simply but, yet classy and sophisticated apparel their own.  Whatever the occasion is for the “little black dress”, we all can agree that it is definitely a staple piece and, a must for every women’s closet.

Until the next blog…. #SaseeChicFashion

Dress – Ross Stores; Handbag – Jessica Simpson; Shoes – Paris Hilton

picture credits: – Audrey Hepbum in the Classic Chanel LBD (cover photo image)

Who says Style has to be Expensive?

Who says Style has to be Expensive?

I’m currently reading “Why Fashion Matters” by Frances Corner.  The introduction states, “Fashion matters. To the economy, to society and to each of us personally.  Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are – or who we want to be.  Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression.”

I totally agree with this statement in reference to fashion; but, when it comes to style, that’s tells the story of our personality.  Fashion comes and goes….we all know that this is true.  Style is something completely different.  Style can have you walk into the local thrift store and, purchase an outfit for $5 or less.  You can take that attire and rock it like it came straight from Nordstrom…..LOL!!!

Style plus personality will do just that…each and every time!!!

Take for example this outfit that was purchased from Mission Possible Bargain Center.

IMG_0977 IMG_0995  IMG_0997

I was going for a casual look…something cool and comfortable.  I was so excited to find this outfit.  Now, for those that don’t know….I love to thrifty shop.  It’s the idea of finding something that fits my personality at such cheap prices that gets me.  In the area that I currently live the thrift stores normally offer an additional discount on certain tag colors.  So, if the colors of the day are blue and orange…there will be additional savings for those particular tag items.  You already know, I’m shopping with the discount colors in mind.  #DontJudgeMe….It is…what it is!  I was able to get this top and shirt for $4.25.. that’s including tax. Awesome, right?  It is!!

The outfit fits the #SaseeChic brand quite well.  It’s comfortable but, yet sassy and definitely age appropriate for me.  This is something that matters when it comes to my image…its my personality! Most of all, I didn’t have to give my right arm and leg for it.  LOL!

So back to the question at hand…. Who says #Style has to be Expensive? I truly don’t know but, we have proven time and time again it doesn’t have to be.  Remain stylish and remember to be you….I promise this won’t cost you much.

Until the next blog… remain Sassy!


Finding the Perfect Dress Gives Me Life!!!

Finding the Perfect Dress Gives Me Life!!!

A dress can definitely give a woman life.  She instantly feels beautiful, sexy, and confident….in that order!!

I love how this dress hugs my curves in all the right places.  Once I put this dress on I knew it was a go for me.  I had to have it.  While rocking this cute dress…I had to make sure it was the star of the show.  I decided to keep the shoes simple but…classy.  I paired it with a cute pair of Jessica Simpson nude patent pumps.


I attended the See Jane Write event, Bloganista Mixer presented by Collage Designer Consignment located in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.  So happy I attended….I had the pleasure of mingling with other fellow bloggers in my local area.  It’s extremely satisfying and enjoyable to meet others who share the same goals and interests you do.  It’s just awesome!

There at Collage Designer Consignment I was able to find this cute dress.


I will say that…when a woman finds a dress that fits them perfectly…I suggest she buy it!! I’m so serious…really… I’m serious.  LOL!

Collage Designer Consignment has a large selection of plus size clothing.  The clothing is both stylish and gorgeous.

Check them out…

Instagram & Twitter: @CollageConsign



YouTube: Collage TV

Until the next blog…. Stay FLY!


What’s the Curvy with Jumpsuits??

What’s the Curvy with Jumpsuits??

Jumpsuits are the current trend this spring and summer.  I’ve found them to be very comfortable and, extremely stylish for any occasion.

I must admit that they can be rather tricky when it comes to curvy women.  It’s nothing wrong with trying on several jumpsuits to find that perfect outfit.  First, remember to make sure the attire is comfortable and the correct size.  If it feels weird and you are having second thoughts about it… most likely it isn’t the one for you.


Most importantly…remember to have fun and be yourself.  Bring out your inner “Diva” and, rock your jumpsuit proudly.  For more tips on fashion for the “curvy girls”….check out my social media pages.

SaseeChicFashion –

IG – SaseeChic; FB – SaseeChic; Twitter – @iAmSaseeChic

I had the pleasure of collaborating with my follow fashion bloggers ….. PinkLuxPL and EclecticallyMeagan.

PinkLuxPL will be on our local news channel, ABC33/40 ( on Monday, July 13th from 9-10am (central time) to discuss this summer’s latest fashion trends….including jumpsuits.


I’ve listed both ladies blog websites and social media information.  Please check them out for the latest in fashion and style.

EclecticallyMeagan –

IG – @EclecticMeagan; FB – EclecticallyMeagan; Twitter – @EclecticMeagan

PinkLuxPL –

IG – @PinkLuxPL; FB – Pink Luxurious PL; Twitter – @PinkLuxPL

Dresses + Flats = #Winning

Dresses + Flats = #Winning

I’m going to start this blog post off by saying…I personally think curvy women look wonderful in dresses.  It slenderizes and helps to define our waist line…that makes it a winner in my book.  You can dress it up or down… it’s your preference but, either way you can always count on looking your best.

I just love how this dress provides my shape with definition.


I paired the dress with one of my favorite flats from Aldo Shoes. This shoe isn’t your ordinary flat…. it has a little something to them. It’s more of a dressy casual shoe.

The grey flats makes for a great combination with my pink/charcoal dress. The unique bracelet piece gives that “pop of sassy” that the outfit needs… it’s safe to say it completed the attire.


Being comfortable doesn’t mean a woman isn’t stylish.  Remember style = personality….if you feel it, then rock it! Don’t make any apologies for it.

Until the next blog…. remain stylish!


Dress –; Shoes – – purchased from DSW

What’s the Skinny with Pencil Skirts??

What’s the Skinny with Pencil Skirts??

It depends on who’s asking… some folks say pencil skirts are for thinner women, where others say it’s more for the curvy ladies.  How will you weigh in on the discussion?

I think it’s all in personal preference….I love to see a curvy woman in a pencil skirt.  It can be beneficial in  accentuating the curves.  If the sizing is correct the skirt can be quite flattering.

IMG_1028 IMG_1029

I just love how this pencil skirt hug my curves but, yet it’s not too fitting where the skirt can begin to look awkward.  The skirt is paired with a red shirt, clutch, and shoes with a pop of red.  This way, the skirt remains the focal point in the outfit.  The attire is cool and comfortable but, it is also work wear appropriate.

I got my shades on and you can’t tell me nothing….LOL!!! j/k

Okay ladies… let me know how you rock your #PencilSkirts.  I would love for you all to send me photos showing off your style and personality.

Until the next blog… remain Chic!


Skirt – thrifty; Shirt – The Limited (; Shoes – Dolce Vita (