A Timeless Classic: Leather

There is a lot to be said about leather.  This classic piece has been around for some time now.  From accessories to clothing… you can always count on quality from a leather product.  It’s an item that simply won’t let you down.

leather tealThis cute teal leather dress from Ashley Stewart was the perfect choice.  The look was casual chic but, I knew I wanted to play up the outfit by accessorizing it.  The leopard Ivanka Trump booties along with this colorful yet beautiful bracelet completed the look.

shoe shotbracelet shot

A woman can’t go wrong with sassy hosiery…. fishnets bring the right amount of sassy to any ensemble.  This timeless classic is elegant in every way.  The versatility of leather can be dressed up or down but remains a classic no matter your style.

tree shot

Until the next blog… take a timeless piece and make it “Your Own”.



Mixing “Old School” with the “New School”

It’s totally cool to mix a little old school with the new school.  It can be a bit overwhelming to wear a complete vintage look if that’s really not your style.  A good place to start is by mixing vintage/thrift and modern pieces together.

IMG_1981 IMG_1671

Being thrifty with your style doesn’t mean the look has to be something out of the 60’s or 70’s.  You can find modern pieces from the thrift store at discount prices.  Cool, right? Especially if your style is all about being on a budget.


Dress ~ Collage Designer Consignment from the Vestavia Hills, AL location

Shoes ~ Jessica Simpson purchased Burlington Coat Factory from the Crestwood, AL location


Now, if vintage is your thing, girl, step on out there and do YOU.  Ya’ll already know I’m a vintage lover and proud of it.  It gives you the chance to explore style and show off your personality.


Denim Shirt ~ Ashley Stewart || Plaid Pants ~ Alabama Thrift Store || Dress ~ Kaleidoscope Femme Studio || Shoes (left) OTBT from Shoe Sanctuary located Gadsden, AL || (right) Jessica Simpson from DSW || Handbag ~ Consigned Design located Alabaster, AL


No matter how you like to show of your thrifty skills make sure the look represents YOU.  Style gives you the chance to bring out your personality and introduce yourself to others without saying a word.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself through clothing. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to conveying your style.  Rock it and don’t make any apologies for it.

Until the next blog… Express Your Style.  #SaseeChic

Leather “The Limited” Way

What is it about leather that brings out the inner diva in a woman? It screams “bad girl” but in a good way, you feel me? I don’t know about you but I automatically step into another mode… “that you can’t tell me nothing” mode.  LOL! I’m so serious…


I’ve been wanting a pair of leather pants for a while now.  While browsing The Limited website… lo and behold I came across these leather culottes. Too Cute!  The website doesn’t do them justice.  I love the look and feel of the pants.  Yes, shopping straight size stores is indeed possible.


This peplum shirt, from the same brand, gives me the chance to accentuate my waist and bring the total look together.  Now, I decided to sit back and let these Ivanka Trump pumps be the star.  It’s even better since I got a great deal on them from Nordstrom Rack.

DSC_7739 DSC_7761

I was sassy in the city with this look.  It’s important to be confident with your style and comfortable in your skin.

Until the next blog…  #BeYOU  ~ #SaseeChic


Photo Credit ~ iMeAn Photoz

Sunglasses ~ Quay

SaseeChic Winter Wonderland

There’s a myth when it comes to wearing white.  What’s the saying?… no white until after Labor Day. Well, this is 2016, let’s embrace new things which include style and creating your own trend.  It’s something about winter white that is simply beautiful, classy, and chic.

DSC_7676I felt so gorgeous in this white and gold studded dress from Ashley Stewart.  It was paired with a white suede sweater cardigan from this brand as well.  The look was completed with black and gold booties from The Luxe Mode.  Everything flowed just right…

SaseeChic Winter Wonderland… in my mind at least.


You can do so much with white.  It can be your blank canvas to play up with accessories or, keep it classic with a nice pump and hosiery.  Either way… you can’t go wrong.

DSC_7684No matter how you decide to wear your white make sure the style is uniquely yours.  Don’t be afraid to test the boundaries.  Your personality will thank you for it… trust me!

Until the next blog…. Remember to set the trend. #SaseeChic


Photo Credit: iMeAn Photoz


Prints on Prints … not a Bad Thing

Let me reminisce down memory lane for a moment.  This print on print thing… well, back in the day we called it “tacky”.  It’s quite amusing how things have evolved over time.  All it takes is that one bold individual that doesn’t care what anyone thinks and guess what… we have a new fad.  Now, what’s truly awesome about fads is that you can tweak it to your own unique style.


Prints on Prints… where do I begin?…. let’s start with how it gives ladies the opportunity to play with fashion while bringing out their own style in the process. So, I decided to test the waters with this number shown above.  Check out those tights and shoes!!!!


The trick when it comes to mixing-n-matching prints is to stay in the same color scheme.  You don’t want anyone becoming cross-eyed when looking at you.  Girl, folks don’t know what to look at first. LOL! Staying in the same color format helps the prints/patterns to blend well.  It adds drama without taking the look over the top.

Take into consideration your style when it comes to prints.  Make it all about your personality… stay in your lane and don’t attempt to copy others.

Until the next blog…. Try something different!



Photo Credit: iMeAn WaR

Leather Faux Dress, Necklace, & Shoes: Plato’s Closet – Trussville, AL; Tights: Wal-Mart;

A Life Full of Color on a Day in Gadsden

Life is full of opportunities but adding some color to the mix… well, the possibilities are endless for a stylish woman at least.  I totally enjoyed my full day of color while the hubby and I traveled to Gadsden, Alabama.  I love that town!


Color is just fun! There’s no other way to say it.  It really gives me the chance to test my style level.  You know… it’s levels when it comes to being stylish. Oh yeah girl… we are going to test the boundaries within reason, of course.


Let’s talk… Really talk… What brings about fear when it comes to being bold and different? For me it was simply making the first step towards coming into my unique style.  Change is good but, I must admit that it is difficult to transition into something different.


Thinking outside the box is hard but obtainable. I’ve always told myself with anything take baby steps by gradually working into it.  It’s just an outfit… you can always take it off and start over.  Remember to allot time for this! Well, us divas have the right to be “stylishly” late, right?

Until the next blog…. Dare to be Different! #SaseeChic


Photo Credit: iMeAn Photoz

Dress: The Limited; Shoes: DSW (Jessica Simpson); Blazer: Alabama Thrift Stores


How do you Style your Apparel Candy?

As stated in many other blog posts… a unique look is “your” style which ultimately determines “your”personality.  At the end of the day style is everything!  Not fashion… but style! We all know that fashion is a trend and it comes then it’s gone before you can blink your eye.  Well… that’s another blog post!

Let’s talk style that’s budget friendly.

Once a woman finds her unique style and it’s on sale… Chile, WINNING!

I’ve been asked by Apparel Candy to let you ladies know about their clothing.  They are a wholesale online apparel company based out of Los Angeles, California.



The one thing I love is that they offer accessories as well.  To be honest, it’s convenient to be able to do a “one stop” shop…in my opinion at least.  Who wants to shop several places to put together one look.  Yeah, if you don’t have to why do so??


The main thing I take into consideration when shopping for an outfit is can this look be dressy or casual.  We all know the saying, “two for the price of one”, this is something to think about when buying an outfit.  This shirt can be paired with a skirt or jeans and heels or boots.


This look screams casual.  I love to be comfortable but being sassy is a must.  I can see you ladies hanging out with girls for brunch or,  movie date night with bae.  Whatever you decide this look definitely says diva.

Until the next #blog…. Be Unique! #SaseeChic


Check out http://www.apparelcandy.com/ and let them know that SaseeChic sent you.  You can follow them on all of their social media platforms.

Instagram at Apparel Candy; Facebook Apparel Candy; Twitter @ApparelCandy

Now, what’s really cool is that they have an app that can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.


*This post was sponsored by Apparel Candy. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

The SaseeChic Essentials inspired by NBC’s The Voice & People Magazine

I was so thrilled when contacted by People Magazine and NBC’s show “The Voice” to review the limited edition gift box inspired by The Voice’s coaches and contestants.  All fans now have the opportunity to get their hands on this exclusive collection.  You will surely love the products! I’ve personally coined the items as SaseeChic essentials.

people4There are a few necessary things that I must have while working on a blog post.  We all know that cellphone and laptop is just a given but, I must have a cup of coffee and notebook on hand to assist me into getting in the swing of things.  My Ban.do Hot Stuff Thermal Mug and Poppin Notebook does the trick.

people2 people1

While rocking my personal style, a pair of sunglasses and lippie is always required.  It’s a part of the law of style… SaseeChic’s of course.


The gift box includes a combination of both beauty and lifestyle items.  This is what you can look forward to when ordering your box.

  • Baublebar earrings
  • Ban.do Hot Stuff Thermal Mug
  • Julep Nail Polish in Myriam
  • Julep Konjac Face Sponge
  • LAQA Cheeky Lip Pencil
  • Quay Sunglasses
  • Poppin Notebook


The box total value is $150 but you can purchase for a special price of only $49.99. Oh yeah… how cool is that? You have the chance to be VIP status without breaking the bank.  I know we all would love that!

You can click the link below to purchase your very own gift box.


I can’t wait to see how you rock your items.  As always…Be YOU!!! #SaseeChic



Photo Credits: iMeAn Photoz

Photos taken at: Desert Island Supply Co (DISCO)

*This post was sponsored by People Magazine. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Fur is a Girls Best Friend

It’s that time of season to pull out the fur.  I’m so thrilled!!

Fur can be fun and spontaneous but most of all it’s such a classic timeless piece.  Everyone needs some type of fur in their closet.  Mink and fox is at the top of my list.  Don’t judge me! A girl can dream you know…

fur coat1This faux fur definitely takes this simple but elegant outfit to the next level.

fur coat3

Furs are an ageless item yet it’s funky and edgy at the same time.  Pairing classic pieces with a modern look can definitely help bring out one’s unique side.  Keep in mind that personal style is in the eye of the beholder.

Until the next blog… Remember to think outside the box.



Fur coat: Consigned Design

Sweater outfit: Ashley Stewart

Shoes: Plato’s Closet – Trussville, AL

Boy Meets SaseeChic

How do one define women style?  We often think about the little black dress (LBD) which dates back to the 1920’s.  This trend was meant to be affordable but elegant at the same time.  As we see style now….its quite interesting how things have changed for the better.  In my opinion at least…


I received inspiration from a brand who recently release their boy meets girl collection for the fall.  I loved it! I decided that I wanted to create my own spin on the style.  This inspiration would be just perfect for a collaboration and I had just the right person in mind for the job.  Oh yeah… Style-Rehab is definitely up for the challenge.


Confidence is shown through style which ultimately translate through your personality.  Who says women can’t be sexy while rocking a tie and spenders?  The boy meets girl trend is something I can definitely get use to.


photo credits: iMeanWar 

Tie & Spenders: Nice Knot

Shirt: Maurices


Check out Style-Rehab’s blog to see how she put together her boy meets girl look.  Please follow her for the latest in style and fashion tips.  I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Facebook: style-rehab