Comfortable Yet… Oh So, Stylish!



Let’s be honest… comfort is top priority when it comes to style.  Well… most times. LOL! Looking good definitely comes with sacrifices but, in most cases style can be quite comfortable.


While cruising in Atlanta (Sandy Springs), Ga., I had the chance to shoot this cute outfit.  This look is simple yet it still represents my style.  There are levels to defining your unique look but in the end it should show off your personality with ease.

Remember to be YOU and have fun with your unique look.  #SaseeChic



Shirt: The Limited

Denim: Ashley Stewart

Shoes: BCBGeneration (from DSW)










Sassy Rompers

A few weeks ago…I ran across a video from I Heart My Body on Facebook.  The video talked about not allowing your fears to consume you and make your style decisions.  This video was well put together and I love how it demonstrated confidence and boldness.  I quickly thought about myself and how I’ve gradually allowed my fears to take a back seat when it comes to my unique style.




My biggest fear was rompers… let’s just say that my highest level of confidence didn’t fall in the thighs department. 🙂  I’ve learned to embrace my body and ultimately accepting me for ME.  This chick is definitely Sassy with Rompers!




…and, we all know that accessorizing can bring out the sassy in any outfit. The pop of color in the shoes and earrings gave me life!


As I’ve said before… 2016 is the year of the bold! Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Until the next blog… Remain Sasee!



ROMPER || Ashley Stewart

SHOES || Shoe Republic LA ~ purchased at DSW

EARRINGS || Consigned Design ~ Alabaster, AL

NECKLACE || Plato’s Closet ~ Trussville, AL

The Blues isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Having the blues can be a good thing… you know?  Your attitude and confidence can make or break any situation.  No matter the issue try to make the best of it.  Trust me… it’s easier to smile than to frown.  You don’t have to be dressed up all the time to make a statement.  There will be times when a simple casual outfit will do the trick.


This was such a beautiful day to have the blues.  It’s nothing like a gorgeous Sunday afternoon spending time with the ones you love most.  I love this blue pencil skirt and how it accentuates my curves.  The blue and white dress tee was the icing on the cake.


I’m all for the “pop of color” but there will be those time where going back to the basics is a must.  You can’t go wrong with the classic colors.  Whether dressed up or down.. taking it back to the basics will always be in order.

How do you ROCK your classic Blues?

Remember, it’s your confidence that makes the look…. not, the look itself! #SaseeChic



Skirt & Handbag ~ The Limited

Shirt ~ New Directions from Belk

Shoes ~ BCBG Generation


Bow Ties and Skinny Jeans

It’s interesting how a unique style can define ones personality.  Your look can determine your level of confidence. …yep, that’s something to think about.  I’ve always said that your style is the introduction to any conversation.

What does your style say about you?

SaseeChic is sassy, bold, and confident.  My unique look sets me apart from the pack.  Now, what’s really cool is that my style is always evolving.  You never know what to expect especially when it comes to bow ties and skinny jeans.  That’s just a winning combination!

IMG_4081While attending Birmingham’s Art Crawl in the downtown district, I had the chance to meet a very nice young lady who’s the creator of some really cool bow ties.  Lindsay Brook is the owner of Lindsay Brook Designs.

IMG_4084 IMG_4086


It doesn’t take much to demonstrate your style.  Whether you decide to dress it up or down make sure it represents YOU.  Whatever that style is make sure it screams confidence.  Don’t be afraid to try something outside the box… you never know what might come of it.

Until the next blog… Be Confident ~ Be Unique ~ Be YOU! #SaseeChic



TEE || Maurices

DENIM || Ava & Viv ~ Target Style

SHOES || BCBGeneration

BOW TIE || Lindsay Brook Designs

SUNNIES || Consigned Design

***Photo credit: iMeAn Photoz  || Photos taken: Mobile, Alabama ~ Downtown District***

B.A.D.D. while Rocking… CAMO?

Ok ladies, we can be sassy, sexy, and bad girl all at the same time. Yep, we BADD (Bold and Daring Divas)!  I loved how this outfit came together.  The camo illustrated boldness as I stepped outside the box, yet, the “pop of color” in the accessories showed my feminine side.  The total look brought out my unique style and personality quite well.


This outfit was worn on a Saturday afternoon while hanging out with the hubby. It’s nothing like being cute and comfortable all at the same time. I would definitely rock this look for a night out with the girls or, simply cruising around town.


However you decide to define your style just make sure it’s uniquely YOU!  Only YOU can pull off your unique look all while being fierce and confident.  Until the next blog… Own the lo0k… Rock the look! #SaseeChic



SHIRT & DENIM PANTS || Ashley Stewart

SHOES || Sam Edelman

CLUTCH || The Limited


The World Seems Complete with Skirts… Pencil That Is!

There’s always a particular item that stands out in a woman’s outfit. For plus size/curvy women… it’s all about showing off their curves.  What better way to intensify our silhouette than with a pencil skirt?


I had the chance to collaborate with Julia Gillhouse of LuLaRoe.  She specializes in fashionable and comfortable yet affordable clothing for women. The sizes range from XXS-3XL.  There is something for everyone! Now, what’s really awesome is that the pieces are true to size.  Yep, you can’t beat that!

DSC_9925-2I love the look and feel of the skirt. I’m all about finding pieces that accentuate my shape in a flattering way.  It’s a must for me to be stylish but comfortable as well.  I was definitely able to achieve both with this look.  What’s really amazing about this skirt is that it’s extremely versatile. Ladies trust me when I say that this skirt can be dressed up or down and great for any occasion.









You too will have the chance to experience LuLaRoe. They are offering SaseeChic readers and supporters 20% off orders using discount code SASEECHIC.  Stop by LuLaRoe store for the latest in stylish clothing.  Remember to let them know SaseeChic sent ya!

If you have any questions for Julia, she can be reached by email at and/or call 334-447-8025.  Please follow her Instagram page @Julia.LuLaRoe


*This post was sponsored by Julia Gillhouse of LuLaRoe. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


A Lingerie Story through the Eyes of a Plus Size Woman ~ ft. Impish Lee

As we celebrate women’s history month during March, I thought about all of the women that have made sacrifices and empowered others.  We salute you all and appreciate the effort you have made to pave the way for us.  In the world of style and fashion… plus size/curvy women are truly blessed to have several ladies to look up to for inspiration.  We have learned that our style defines our unique look as it represents our personality in the process.  How awesome is that?

Ladies…we have a lot to be grateful for.  So, why focus your time and energy to something that doesn’t portray the true you?

DSC_9742a-4-3I had the chance to collaborate with Impish Lee, a custom intimate apparel company located in New York.   Owners/sisters Noelle Lee and Kali Taylor Ventresca specialize in designing lingerie to fit your body type.  Impish Lee provides ladies the option to create garments through their online design tool.  During this process, you can choose a virtual model that matches your skin tone to see how the lingerie could possible look on you.  I must say, this was truly an awesome experience.  What woman wouldn’t want to customize their very own lingerie?

DSC_9737a-3-3It’s important that women remember to be sexy.  This can easily be lost or forgotten about due to our day to day activities or just simply being caught up in life itself.  We must take the time to do “us” and be a WOMAN.

DSC_9757a-5-3Now, what does it actually mean to be a woman?  To be assertive and assured of yourself… being comfortable in your skin.  It all goes back to SaseeChic’s motto:

Be Confident… Be Unique… Be YOU! …and, make NO apologies!

DSC_9697a-2-3 DSC_9693a-1-3


I loved the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.  The lingerie screamed sultry and curvaceous which ultimately exuded my confidence.  Ladies, let’s start making time for us and bringing out our inner sex appeal.

Trust me… your personality will thank your confidence and self-esteem later.  #SaseeChic


Are you ready to bring out your inner sexy through custom lingerie?  Impish Lee is providing SaseeChic readers with 10% off all orders placed.  CLICK HERE to receive your discount!


Photo credits: iMeAn Photoz

MUA: Nadia Tellis, N Your Face Makeup Artistry

Set Accessories: Zelda Oliver-Miles, Party Like Zelda

Modeling Coach: Alyssa J Graves


*This post was sponsored by Implish Lee. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*




Stylish Women & Their Jewelry ft. Chloe + Isabel

How does the saying go?… “you can tell a lot about an individual by the shoes they wear.”  This holds true in the accessories department as well.  A statement jewelry piece can give that much needed “pop” to any outfit.  Whether it’s a classy item or something more on the edgy side of things you cannot go wrong with accessories.  I look at it as that one saving grace item for any ensemble.

…and, yes, I’ve found it in Chloe + Isabel!


I was contacted by Katrina Crandell who is a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel to review some elegant yet chic jewelry pieces.  I was extremely pleased how the items were so versatile.  They could easily go from day to night instantly.



I loved the look and feel of the pieces while posing in downtown Montgomery, Alabama.  The sassiness of the accessories complimented the vibrate colors in the attire.



It amazes me how stylish each piece blended well with the outfit.  The items definitely flattered the scenery well.  It’s a beautiful thing when your total look comes together quite lovely.






Remember, accessories and clothing is something like a couple that has been married for some time…. they just simply compliment one another.

Are you interested in purchasing Chloe + Isabel jewelry?  You can check out Katrina’s website to review products and, your orders can be submitted to her through email at

From now until Thursday, March 31st, 2016, you can receive 25% off any orders placed.  Any purchases $100 or more… you will receive a free pair of studs. 

Don’t forget to let Katrina know I sent ya!

Until the next blog… Remember to Accessorize! #SaseeChic


Photo credit || iMeAn Photoz

Photos taken || Downtown… Montgomery, Alabama


Classy Ladies & Their Minks

Whenever a lady walks into a room wearing a mink it automatically speaks volume. Something about this look exhibits sophistication and elegance instantly.  A lady’s stroll immediately changes when a beautiful fur graces her shoulders.  A higher level of confidence appears and a unique look is portrayed through her personality.

Oh yes…it’s sexy to see Classy Ladies and their Minks!

DSC_8498I was able to pair this lovely mink with a gorgeous lace black dress from Ashley Stewart.  The uniqueness stood out through the satin ruffle tail.  The ensemble accentuated my shape very well.  Now, what better way to top off a classy look than with a pair of Ivanka Trump pumps.

Believe it or not… I was able to snag this gorgeous mink shawl from eBay.

DSC_8518 DSC_8479

Ladies we don’t have to wait until a special occasion to wear that “wow” outfit.  If you look and feel good…rock it!  I’m a firm advocate for taking a few additional minutes to make sure the look is just right.  Remember… Be YOU! …and, never make any apologies for it.

Show off your “own” unique look and remain confident while doing so.

Until the next blog… Embrace Your Elegant Side



Photo Credit: iMeAnPhotoz

Photos taken in Gadsden, Alabama

Red Jumpsuit and Leather

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A day full of love and chocolate.  Well… to be honest,  I can go for some good chocolate any day of the year.  This holds true when letting your love ones and friends know how much you appreciate them.  Take the time to demonstrate love everyday.

I enjoyed sharing this valentines day with the love of my life… all while rocking a jumpsuit and leather.

…and, it’s a smoking RED HOTT one, I might add. 🙂

Image-29I could not wait to wear this red jumpsuit purchased from Ashley Stewart.  It was paired with a Jessica Simpson leather jacket and Guess black suede pumps.


What better way to show love than being on a roof top? It’s was such a nice view of the Birmingham, Alabama skyline.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers! Enjoy this gorgeous day.

Until the next Blog… Show Love!