Skinny Jeans Full of Curves


Fall is officially here! If you live in the south, you know all too well about this dry humidity. I’m looking forward to the weather cooling off. I’ll admit that fall is my season of choice and, I’m excited to pull out some of my favorite pieces to wear.  The main thing that I love about this time of year is being able to wear a variety of classic staple pieces. The one classic that will transition into fall easily are skinny jeans. Denim can be added to any ensemble and, is definitely acceptable year round.

Like most statement pieces… Denim can be either dressed up or down and, it can work for just about any occasion.  Now, I’m a casual “chic” kind of girl when it comes to denim. I usually pair it with either a blazer or a nice blouse and scarf. The look is normally completed with a pump.  Well… pumps and skinny jeans are just made for each other. In my opinion… at least! I decided to change it up a bit with this look. Yeah, change is good!

Let me first start off by saying that I found these cute strappy suede flats… had to purchase them!  It was the perfect choice for the look. The yellow vest gives an edgy yet sassy look, and the turquoise clutch provides that “pop” of color the outfit needs. The leopard belt adds a nice contrast that brings everything together.

This look would be perfect for brunch with the girls and/or Saturday morning errands.  Either way, you are both comfortable and chic…and, this is definitely a winning combination.

As we ease into fall… remember to take time and experiment with your style.  You’ll never know what you might find.  It could be that “one thing” you need to complete your unique look.


 The Look

Shirt * The Limited; Vest * Thrifty; Denim * Target (AVA & VIV); Shoes * DSW

Photo Credit * Dre’ Todd

Taking Risks through Confidence


I’m so grateful and blessed to see another year. 36… WOW! My confidence has grown over the past few years. I’m able to define my unique style and, show it off through my personality with ease. Now, I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been this easy. Confidence involves risk taking which takes time and effort. Yep, risk, it’s vital when it comes to progressing with your style.

Your look says a lot about you. How you think…feel…. it sets the mood for who you really are. This is why being bold and stepping out of your comfort zone is so important. If you never step out and take that risk…well, how, can you truly define your style? How could you really know your likes and dislikes? Take the time to learn YOU!

It’s ok to move outside the box and unleash your unique look. I’m challenging you to a bold test this week.

1. A new color. Try wearing a color you usually don’t reach for. Make sure you pair it with something you are comfortable with. This will make the transition go more smoothly.

2. Switch it up. If you usually wear pants…. try a skirt. This gives you the chance to step out and be bold. Trust me… this will boost your confidence level.

3. Inspired. Check out websites, magazines, thrifty/consignment stores… and, get inspired! Identify a look or style that interest you. Take that and create your own unique style.

The important thing is that you try. No one expects you to discover your new found style all in one day. Remember… risks take time and effort. Don’t worry your confidence will thank you later.


Birthday Outfit

Nordstrom Rack
ShoeFly Boutique ~ Homewood, AL

Photo Credit || Dre’ Todd

How To: Represent Your Classy through being a SaseeChic

There’s nothing like a Classy SaseeChic… when a woman puts on “the dress” she automatically feels sexy and confident. A confident woman walks different…she talks different… she’s definitely sure of herself.  This is a wonderful thing!   Confidence puts you in the place to really let your personality shine through.  You are well on your way to defining your style and representing your unique look.




This photo was taken downtown, Birmingham, Alabama.  I just loved the look and feel of this building.  The cocktail dress and sparkly pumps complimented the scenery quite well. I totally felt like a SaseeChic in this ensemble.

How does one represent their Classy through being a SaseeChic?

  1. Be comfortable in your skin.  When you look at yourself in the mirror realize this is YOU.  Understand that you must first love yourself before anyone else will.
  2. Learn your style.  Know what looks great on you.  This will come through trial and error… but, patience is key!
  3. Let your personality shine through.  Be YOU!  Make no apologies… you owe no one any explanations.

Remember, your style is unique to you.  It defines your personality!  Before you know it confidence will be second nature.

Until the next blog… Remain Classy!



Dress: Consigned Design – Alabaster, Alabama

Shoes: Shoe Sanctuary – Gadsden, Alabama

The Beginning of Being a SaseeChic

The vision behind SaseeChic is to promote confidence and boost self-esteem among the everyday woman.  My mission is to let women know that this can be accomplished at any size…..especially plus size.  Yes, my name is SaseeChic and I’m a plus size woman.  Does this affect my confidence?  At this time in my life… Heck No!  Well, let me be honest and say I haven’t always being at this place.


Confidence and Self-Esteem is a marriage that can be doomed from the beginning.  …but, with trust and open communication the relationship can potentially last for years and years to come.   I must admit  that I too struggled in this marriage.  I was determined to beat the odds and save my confidence.  First step…accepting me for ME.


Confidence… it’s a wonderful thing!  I just love how it can bring out one’s personality.  At this point, you are comfortable and your self-esteem is definitely feeling the affects of your new found YOU.  Wow… this is definitely a wonderful thing!  It’s the beginning of being a SaseeChic.


Shirt designed by: DR. Bling & Things




Sasee Maxi

Here in Alabama… these hot days call for Sasee Maxi dresses.  I love to be comfortable on the weekends after a long week of working.  I’m sure you all feel me? 🙂 Maxi dresses give you the chance to be stylish yet comfortable while doing your daily tasks.  I know that this would be considered a fashionable trend, but it’s an item that you can definitely bring out your style with the right selection and accessories.  I’m so happy I gave this maxi a second look!


Let’s just pause right here for a second… I’m loving how this maxi flows.  It shows off my waist line in a flattering way.  Girl, I’ve been working out at the gym and I’m not ashamed to show it. LOL! The dress is simple yet the accessories complete outfit.  You take an black and white stripe maxi dress and pair it with red flats… you have a winning combination on your hands.  The necklace is a bit dressy but it brings sassiness to the look. Can I get an Oh Yea, for the frame shaped earrings? The ensemble is just perfect!

image image

Until the next blog…. Be Comfortable yet Stylish!


The Look

Maxi Dress ~ Maurices

Shoes ~ BCBGeneration purchased from DSW

Necklace ~ Trussville Plato’s Closet, Trussville, Alabama

Earrings ~ Sonja Atkins


Prints on a Sasee Day!

I know we have spoken several times about taking risks. Well… It’s nothing to it.. but to do it. ☺️ There’s no better way to step out of your comfort zone other than through prints.  Prints gives you the chance to show off your personality. Your unique look is tested and your style is put on the line. But, it’s all for a good cause.


This look is definitely sassy yet chic.  My personality screams fierce!  Whenever you look good… you feel good.  And, it’s an added bonus when your style doesn’t mirror the looks of others.  How cool is that? Let’s challenge ourselves to really take the time to define our style.  Just defining…. perfecting it and rocking with confidence…. well, that will come with time!


Until the next blog… Represent your Style!  #SaseeChic


The Look

Outfit ~ Ashley Stewart

Clutch ~ The Limited

Sunnies ~ Quay Australia

Sophistication in a World filled with Class

Whoever said that a woman couldn’t be both classy and sexy obviously hasn’t met sophistication yet. Girl, nothing screams class like a dress.  It’s an oldie but goodie…a dress is perfect for any occasion.  I just love how you can easily dress it up or down depending on your style.  I personally feel that once a woman puts on “the” dress… well, the rest is history! Don’t even think about breaking her confidence. Boo Please!!!


When I laid eyes on this pink dress… I knew it was something about.  Once I got it in my hands and actually tried it on…. YES!  Now, for me, I love how a-line dresses fit me.  It instantly slims and accentuates my shape in all the right places.  Ladies, this is why it’s so important to know what works for YOU.  You must learn your body! Don’t get caught up in the hype of TV or magazines.

_DSC2740-4 _DSC2737

Remember only you can define your style.  Once you know what your style is…perfect it and rock it with confidence.

Until the next blog. Perfect Your Style! #SaseeChic


The Look

Dress || The Limited ~ Shoes || BCBGeneration ~ Necklace || Urban Prestige


CAUTION!!!!!! Swim with Confidence

Often times we make the statement Be Confident…. but, what does that really mean?  How can one be assured of themselves?  I’ve found through personal experience that you must first accept you for YOU.  Make no apologies! This is the first step to admitting your confidence which, will ultimately show outward through your personality. I guess this is where swag comes in to play. 🙂

Now, to be confident you must be comfortable with taking risk.  I decided to take my biggest style risk to date.  SWIMWEAR!!!! I’m so glad I decided to do so.  Us curvy ladies can be sexy and confident in a swimsuit. I’m here to prove it!


My confidence meshed well with my personality which brought out my unique look and style.

IMG_3700 IMG_3701

Only YOU can define your style.  Once that is determined… one must perfect the look then rock it with confidence.

As the motto goes: BE CONFIDENT… BE UNIQUE… BE YOU!  …and, NEVER make any apologies for it.

Until the next blog…. Be Sasee!



(Swimsuit, Cover-Up, Earrings, Bangles):  Ashley Stewart

Shoes: BCBGeneration purchased from DSW


Brunch…. and, a really cute Dress

I was so excited to attend The Curvy Fashionista’s TCFStyle Brunch Series: Your Blog, Brand, and Business in Atlanta Georgia. The event was held at The B Loft.  It’s always so much fun to get together with others that share the same thoughts and ideas.  I had the chance to meet some really wonderful ladies that are doing awesome things.

Now, let me just say that I felt extra cute in this Karen Kane dress purchased from Belk.  I love how this look accentuated my curves.  The dress was playful, sexy, and most of all comfortable.  It was the perfect fit for a brunch.


“You really can’t go wrong in a dress.”

Check out my “selfie” collection of the ladies I met at the event.

curvy fashionista